Key Information

School Day

The timing of the school day is as follows:

8.35 – 8.45: Registration
8.45 – 9.45: Period 1
9.45 – 10.45: Period 2
10.45 – 11.05: MORNING BREAK
11.05 – 12.05: Period 3
12.05 – 13.05: Period 4
13.05 – 13.45: LUNCH BREAK
13.45 – 14.50: Period 5
14.50 – 15.10: Form Period

Each of the school’s four Houses have an assembly each week:

Monday:  Mayo House
Tuesday: Sheldon House
Wednesday:  Badger House
Thursday:  Hart House

Friday:  Whole year or specialist assemblies

School Uniform

Pupils should attend school in smart, clean and tidy uniform, ready for the working environment. Trousers should be worn on the waist, skirts should be the required length and shirts tucked into waistbands. Ties should be worn correctly. The school asks for parents’
co-operation in enforcing these requirements. Should there be any dispute on what is considered to be a reasonable standard of uniform a final ruling will be made by the Headteacher or a member of the Leadership Team.

Boys   black or charcoal grey tailored trousers (not denim or black jeans)
white shirt and school tie
navy blazer with badge
black or grey socks
black or navy v-necked pullover (optional)
black shoes (not trainers)

Girls   black school skirt with logo or black tailored trousers
white shirt and school tie
black or navy V-necked pullover or cardigan (optional)
navy blazer with badge
Black tights or white or black socks
black flat shoes (not trainers)

Dress for Physical Education:

polo shirt
rugby top
gym shorts
games socks
appropriate footwear e.g. trainers/football boots (PE department will advise)


polo shirt
rugby top
games skort or shorts
games socks
appropriate footwear e.g. trainers/football boots (PE department will advise)

Optional items of kit for Boys and Girls:
track pants
quarter zip sweatshirt
base layer top
knitted hat
quarter zip showerproof jacket


Where to buy Shipston High School Uniform
All items of badged uniform (blazer, Skirt, House tie, P.E. kit)
must be purchased on line through our supplier Price & Buckland

All items of non-badged uniform may also be purchased from Price & Buckland or a store of your choice


  • Skirts must be the designated Price & Buckland school skirt and should be no shorter than 5cm. above the knee
  • Pullovers or cardigans are optional but must be worn with a blazer
  • Hair should be neat: no extremes (colouring, styles etc.). In practical lessons long hair should be tied back for safety reasons.
  • Jewellery: One pair of stud type earrings only. Facial or body piercings are not allowed
  • Any make up should be unobtrusive and only clear or colourless nail varnish may be worn.

School Canteen

The school canteen is open to serve snacks at breaktime and a wide range of meals at lunchtime.  Students can choose from full meals, healthy options such as pasta dishes and salads as well as lighter snacks like sandwiches, rolls, wraps and baguettes.  For something smaller, the “Grab and Go”  menu is also very popular.

School Library

When you join Shipston High School you automatically become a member of the Library. You don’t need a library card. You have your own bar code/identity number which is scanned when you want to borrow a book. You can borrow up to 4 books for 2 weeks.

The library is open during the school day and is used for some lessons and for private study.

The library is exceptionally well equipped with internet-linked laptops available to all students to research/print off homework/schoolwork and projects. Literacy events take place throughout the year such as Reading Groups, National Poetry Day, World Book Day and even the occasional visiting author!