The Careers department has been very proactive this term with events being organised for students throughout the whole age range of the school.

Recently the entire Year 8 cohort were off timetable for a whole day of Careers. The goal was to raise students’ aspirations and knowledge of what careers may be available for them in the future and help them to develop valuable skills such as working as part of a team and making valuable connections.

Students learned how industries and future careers are changing and also gained an insight into current labour market information.

We are very grateful to some fantastic employers who took the time to come and talk to the students. Speakers included a really topical talk from Shamreen Mirza from Pfizer, which sparked a lot of questions especially about their Covid 19 vaccine programme, James Pink from Pink Connect, a local IT Company, Pam Caine from Marchant Cain, an Engineering design company, Leanne and Emily from Runwood Care Homes, and Colin Fyfe from The Hinckley and Rugby Building Society. There was even a presentation from Noah, one of the Year 8 students, on how to use the new careers “Unifrog” platform.

As well as learning about the many different businesses, students were very fortunate to have the benefit of our guests staying and working alongside them, encouraging and helping as they went. Throughout the day the students were highly engaged, asking many interesting questions – some students even stayed at lunchtime to talk to the employers!

Meanwhile At the other end of the spectrum, as part of their transition from school at the end of  Year 11, a group of year 11 students recently visited Stratford upon Avon College – a novel experience in itself as there have been no trips anywhere for over two years due to the pandemic!

Students were given a guided tour of the college campus, visiting many of the different subject departments and seeing some of the work that current students were working on. By the end of the visit, students had found out in some depth about lots of the exciting courses that are available at Stratford, together with information on all of the support that is available for students’ transition to college.