At Shipston High School, we offer Bronze and Silver awards for the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme.

In Year 9 students can access the Bronze award as an extra-curricular activity. To achieve their bronze award, students will need to complete activities across three key areas – Volunteering, Physical and Skills – as well as 1 2 day/1 night expedition. The key activities should be carried out for one hour per week for a period of 3 months. All participants must then undertake a further 3 months in one of the volunteering, physical or skill areas.

The bronze expedition will involve a planned activity for 6 hours and a 11km walk.

In Year 10, and if the bronze award has been completed, students can move onto completing the Silver award, which will be completed over an 18 month period and will involve a 3 day/2 night expedition. Students must undertake the three key areas – Volunteering, Physical and Skills – for one hour per week over a period of 6 months for one area, and 3 months for the other two areas.

The silver expedition will involved a planned activity for 7 hours and a 15km walk on each day of their expedition.

See the below section for some useful information on completing your Duke of Edinburgh Award

Ideas for Activities – The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (





For more information about the different levels, or getting your child involved please call the school office.