Our Mission

“The mission of Shipston High School is to prepare young people to play an active part in society by providing them with the exceptional skills, qualifications and attitudes that will benefit themselves and others, locally, nationally and internationally.”

Our mission: High Achieving – Student Centred








A school offering an outstanding education where:

All students make exceptional progress, becoming fully equipped for life; professionally, personally and as members of the community.

Our vision is for a school that is:

Growing – As a school of good reputation in a thriving area, we will provide sufficient capacity to meet local needs (forecast to be 750 places by 2027); enhancing both our school and the local community.
Outward facing – We will collaborate widely and openly with schools and community partners to develop our provision and share our expertise.
Modern – Shipston High School will develop its physical environment to provide a contemporary and relevant resource for the community; a 21st century learning space.
Exceptional – Targeting excellence in all aspects of school provision, to provide an outstanding education for our students.