It is always interesting to learn what our former students have been doing since leaving Shipston High School.  Recently, we were very lucky to welcome one of our ex-students, Jordan Hale, to come in and talk to our Year 8 students as part of their Careers day.

Jordan spoke to our students about his life at school and how he uses the skills he learnt here even though at the time he didn’t realise he would need them!  Students heard how he now has to use algebra and Pythagoras theorem in his everyday life and how Chemistry has helped him to develop some new products that he sells.  He was also able to explain how, when using subject topics studied in school in practical ways, they become easier to understand and more relevant.

Jordan was also very keen to stress that students should choose to do something that they love doing and are really interested in – which he certainly is – and that they should realise school is important even though they might not realise it at the time.

Jordan was passionate about his very successful business “Veis Detailing”, which he has built up himself.  He also proved himself to be an inspirational speaker, sending a very valuable message to the students that the things they learn in school are transferred into the workplace.  The students really enjoyed the session and had loads of questions, one of the students said:

“The part of the day I enjoyed most was Jordan explaining about his business because it was inspiring and interesting and he understood because he had been us not very long ago”