As the Year 11 students start to prepare for their GCSE examinations, it is customary to relieve them of their prefect duties and look to Year 10 to take up the responsibility on their behalf.

Would-be prefects are invited to apply for the position and have their application supported by a member of staff, following which a selection process takes place through the Pastoral Team.  Once in post, these prefects are then given the opportunity to apply for one of the four senior prefect roles available.  Selection for these roles is a rigorous process.  After their written letter of application, students are tasked with a practical activity designed to test their teamwork and leadership skills followed by a formal interview with Mr Harris (Deputy Headteachear), Mrs Berry (Governor) Ms. Westbrook (Staff) and Harry Wixey (outgoing head prefect).

After a very close contest the senior prefects were announced as:

Head Prefects:  Nahia Beasley and Imogen Hynes

Deputy Head Prefects: Daisy Roberts and Georgina Slatter

Many congratulations to the successful applicants.