During the last two weeks of half term, and the harvest festival month of October, we worked together as a school and set ourselves the challenge of filling our minibus with food donations. We did exceptionally well and were delighted at the response from students and staff to contribute to this invaluable cause.

On Thursday 26th October, four students delivered the food donations to the Shipston Food Bank and were greeted by food bank volunteer and treasurer, Ed Jackson. Ed explained to our students how important the donations are and how many families are supported by the food bank, locally, each week. We were delighted to learn that our donations were generous enough to feed all registered users for one week.

As part of this initiative students also spent form time learning about the food bank, how it operates and the fantastic work it does supporting people in need.

Thank you to all our students and staff who donated.


Shipston High School’s ‘community links’ initiatives saw students donate much-needed supplies to the food bank (stratford-herald.com)