We want our students to get reading! We encourage all students to continue to read for a minimum of 20 minutes a day.

To this end, we have put together a reading challenge for each year group. Students can aim for bronze, silver or gold – and will get a badge for every award they achieve!

For year 7, there is a reading list where students need to read 4 books from the list to achieve bronze, 6 for silver and 9 for gold. They have 12 months to complete the reading – starting from the first day of the summer holiday – together with some activities to complete.

For year 8, the system is similar to year 7 – but the books are a little bit more advanced. Again they have a reading list and some activities to complete. For bronze, they need to read 5 books from the list, 7 for silver and 10 for gold.

For year 9, the challenge goes up a gear: they will be giving a presentation on at least one of their books in the Spring term! They ave the choice of reading a range of books and presenting on one book (bronze), reading a range of books but presenting on several books by one author (silver), or presenting on a specific genre – having read several books from that genre (gold). We are super excited to start the book debate with this challenge! Which genre/ author/ book is the best? You tell us!

Going forward, students will have a reading lesson once a fortnight where they can get advice from their teacher who will check on their progress – but the large majority of the reading will take place at home.

Let the reading journey commence…