Shipston High School was a keen participant in the recent European Day of Languages 2022. We celebrated this with various activities across the week.  Years 7 and 8 had the opportunity to enter a poster competition, designing a poster about a European country they would like to visit. Posters included thoughtful details such as what languages are spoken, traditional food eaten, popular music and famous landmarks.

We also invited Year 6 in Acorns, Brailes and Shipston Primary schools to enter and we  received some fantastic entries.

The winners are:

Acorns Primary – Y6 Macy (France)

Shipston Primary – Y6 Sophie (Sweden)

Shipston High School – Y7 Isobel (France)

Y8 Lola (Netherlands)

Students were also invited to interview staff about their own language skills, discovering lots of information such as which staff members speak another language at home or have needed language skills at work.

The week finished with the whole school taking part in a European Language Quiz.

Many thanks to Miss Chambers and Miss Angulo for organising the events.