Since its first meeting, the Running Club has progressed from short runs to running for 28 minutes nonstop 3 times a week! The beginning of November sees week 9 of the couch to 5K – the final week! This means a 30 minute run 3 times a week – but the running club has decided to keep going! At the end of week 9 members of the club will be doing 30 minute runs twice a week at school (and one run at the weekend) focussing on increasing their pace.

Successful runners will be awarded their first running award – a bronze running badge – if they have completed 8 or more runs – in week 9 of the programme. Students have been choosing the style of badges they prefer which is being funded by the PE department.

The running club has enjoyed the support and encouragement of none other than Denise Lewis as their ‘running coach’ through the ‘couch to 5K’ app.  They have got so used to her voice keeping them going that one of the running club members – Rebecca Hinton – was able to guess who it was when she appeared on ‘The Masked Singer’!