Many of our students achieve great success and personal enrichment through out of school activities and it’s always good to share some of these. Most recently:
Eleanor in Year 8 competed in the European Dance Championships in Blackpool. In the ballroom competition she reached the semi-finals and was only one mark off making the finals. A fantastic achievement!

Joshua in Year 9 recently completed a cricket coaching course. Josh will now be supporting the “All Stars” Cricket programme on a Friday evening at Shipston Sports Club. What a wonderful opportunity to develop his coaching skills prior to starting the Cambridge National Sport Studies course next year.

Mia in Year 7, together with her mum, became a Guide Dogs for the Blind volunteer. There’s no better way to describe Mia’s role than in her own words:
“I have always wanted a dog but it was just too expensive, we then found out about Guide Dogs where you can volunteer for various roles including being a brood holder. In March 2022 we got Lucy, a Golden Retriever Labrador, who was to be a brood for future guide dogs. One year later, on 30th March 2023, she gave birth to 4 puppies by C-section, the puppies were huge, the size of a 1 week old! She had 3 boys and 1 girl, we gave them temporary names until they were officially named, these were: Herrmann, Croissant, Cooper and Bailey. The first 3 weeks were the easiest as Lucy did all the work of feeding and cleaning. By week 4, that’s when the fun started. Their eyes and ears opened, they started to walk, they found their voices and enjoyed rough play. By week 7 they were running and jumping around the house and garden, eating solid food and relying less on mum. On their last weekend with us, we held an open day where people could come and play with the puppies. We raised £180 for the Guide Dogs, enough for a starter kit for a new guide dog owner and a tailormade book for a child with sight loss. We were very proud of Lucy and her puppies. They have now moved on to their next home with their puppy raisers where they will spend the next year before going on to guide dog training school.”