Samantha is a Year 10 student who has taken an unexpected opportunity to the next level.

At the age of 3 whilst Sam was on holiday in Canada for Christmas, the local lake was frozen so her parents bought her a small pair of skates to join in with the local children who were skating.  She took to it so easily and the following Spring she was enrolled for basic Skating lessons in Oxford on a Saturday morning.  She progressed and loved it.

Her first competition was at the age of 7 in Oxford where she came First. From then on she has competed numerous times gaining podium places.

She now trains five mornings at week, getting up at 4.40 a.m.  Her dedication to the sport never waivers and even through the pandemic she was still training over zoom.

Sam has moved up to a new level this year, now competing at ISU (International Skating Union) National 5, there are 7 levels before moving to Seniors.

Following a competition at Alexandra Palace later this month, Sam is due to compete in the British Championship Qualifiers at the National Ice Centre in Sheffield, where the finals will also take place.  This competition, at her level, is for children aged between 13 to 15 and she will be competing against people from all of the UK.

As well as morning skating Sam goes to Shipston gym three afternoons a week for strength and conditioning.

Her ambition is to get to the World Championships and also to train as a Skating Coach helping others learn to skate alongside her career as a Police Officer.

Sam is a tremendously dedicated and accomplished skater.  She is a fantastic example of what commitment and sheer hard work can achieve.  We are all very proud of Sam’s achievements to date and would like to wish her the very best of luck for her upcoming competitions.