Statement from Headteacher, Mr Gavin Saunders:

Shipston High School students have achieved fantastic GCSE results this year. Students in Year 11 worked extremely hard studying for their exams, including through periods of pandemic lockdown and remote learning, and their commitment has been rewarded with impressive individual performances and extremely strong results across the school. All students should be very proud, and they certainly looked delighted as they collected their results on 25th August.

These results show the results of sustained hard work and the excellent progress students make at the school. I am delighted that these results empower students to go on to fulfil their ambitions in education, training and employment.

Shipston maintains its consistently strong record in core subjects. Around 80% of students secured grades between 4 and 9 in English and likewise in Maths. Shipston students secured an impressive array of top grades 8 and 9 across the subject range, including students with multiple grades at 7, 8 and 9.  Students have achieved the challenging grade 9 in a wide variety of academic subjects, showing a consistent high performance in a diverse range of disciplines. It’s very impressive. Results include one student with seven grade 9s, another with three grade 9s and five grade 8s, along with other similar achievements across Year 11.

As important as individual grades achieved is the sustained progress from students, with many exceeding their expected outcomes.

The school has a robust and consistent record of academic strength. The school’s focus on quality education, and our work preparing students for adult life, will enable students to move onto a wide range of fulfilling careers. 2022 results demonstrate the strong academic focus of Shipston High School. This is also a day to remember the community spirit that supported our young people through their pandemic affected studies.  All students should be congratulated. Well done to everyone.

Shipston High School’s work is centred on our students, and we are delighted to see so many strong results; they are a testimony to the ethos of the school and the dedication of our staff, families and young people. There was a tangible and shared joy in the school as results were collected. Shipston students have once again excelled; congratulations.