Following meetings in July 2022, Warwickshire County Council has agreed to fund a multi-million pound investment into the development of the school site. The funding is exclusively for the development of the school built environment, and we understand it will be in the region of £10 million.

This represents a huge vote of confidence in the school and the education we provide, and we are delighted that this will enable us to offer more school places in the future. Shipston High School is consistently over-subscribed, and this funding will allow more students to enter the school in future Year 7 cohorts. Details and timescales are still to be confirmed, but this will not affect student numbers for the September 2022 intake.

We anticipate a project that will see additional capacity in Sport, Science and Technology, with details pending. Importantly, as well as providing future school places, this work will improve the facilities and environment for our existing students. Following previous development in 2015 and 2018, we look forward to this next phase of our success story with the expansion and improvement of the environment at Shipston High School for the benefit of all students.

This type of investment is very unusual in schools, and we are fortunate to have secured this funding. We are extremely grateful to Warwickshire County Council, and their readiness to invest in Shipston High School is due to the excellent reputation of the school and its students.