On Thursday 14th July the Careers and Science Departments organised a Careers in Health/STEM day with Medical Mavericks.

This was a fantastic, inspiring and aspirational experience for over 200 of our students who had shown an interest in Science, Medical careers or STEM.

Year 10 had a 2 hour session called Mini Medics and Year 7, 8 and 9 all had an hour long session each about Careers in health.

Students listed to a talk about Medical careers and then had a very hands-on experience using real medical equipment. Amongst many other exciting things, they were able to take ECGs, their pulse with a Pulse-Doppler, Blood Pressure, Ultrasound scans so they could see inside their own bodies, Retinal imaging, Key Hole Surgery and even take blood from ‘Andy the Arm’. There was even a Vein Scanner which shone a light on your arm so you could see the veins inside it.

Kacie-Mae in Year 7 said “I thought it was amazing, I loved it, and it was a lovely day. I especially loved taking blood from Andy (dummy) and seeing my muscles on the ultrasound. I liked looking through the glasses that had different effects. The medical students explained it very well. I have always wanted to become a midwife and this has inspired me more

We would like to thank the Stour Valley Lions who very generously funded this event for us and who also came and joined in.