To support their learning of the Ecosystems and Genes topics, Year 7 embarked upon a trip to Cotswold Wildlife Park.

Completing a work booklet on their way round, the students discovered about the many adaptations that a wide range of animals and plants have to survive. Exploring the park, Year 7 went on an adventure across the World, looking at ecosystems throughout the globe and the organisms that inhabit them. The students journeyed across the African savannah, observing rhinos and giraffe, into the deserts of North Africa, where they encountered some very inquisitive camels. From here, a hop across the Indian Ocean saw them land in Madagascar to walk around the jungle, encountering lemurs on their travels. Flying south, the pupils land in Australia to watch the Wallabies nurturing their young. Heading north for the rarest of encounters, some students were lucky enough to spot a clouded leopard.

After a refuel at lunch, travelling across the Pacific Ocean, the groups landed in South America to discover one of the more bizarre animals on our trip, a family of tapirs. After a long, very hot and exciting day exploring the habitats of the world, Year 7 headed for home, having represented the school fantastically, eagerly sharing stories of all that they saw.

The photograph accompanying this article is by Keira who won the Cotswold Wildlife Park photography competition.